Can a Doula Help With Infertility?

About Dessira:

My name is DessirĂ¡ Nicole Schroeder and I have a deep love for supporting other humans through intimate moments with guidance to full empowerment of self.

I specialize in intuitive preconception and journey alongside you with each transition from birth to parenthood.

I am your companion to explore the magic that you are during the transcend of self into parenthood and beyond. I provide conscious birth and postpartum doula care, deep-dive motherhood integration, life planning, with energy clearing and pleasure expert.

I am here to provide coziness and pleasure into each experience.

I live in California and have a 5-year-old daughter who has started me on this journey of energy healing and conscious conception birth work.

Find Dessira on Facebook and Instagram: @Transcendwithbirth or on her website:

September Burton: Hello and welcome to this episode of the Colorado Fertility Conference Podcast. I’m your host, September Burton. And today I have with me, Dessira Schroeder, and Dessira is a birth and postpartum doula. And so she helps women, specifically with the birth process. And then, getting used to caring for the infant after baby is born. She’s also an energy worker and the reason that I wanted to bring her on the show today is because she can help with fertility planning and she can help if you are struggling to get to the point of being pregnant. So that was why we wanted to bring her on and talk with her and see how a doula can actually help you feel more powerful through your fertility journey. So welcome to the show, Dessira. Thank you so much for coming on.

[00:00:46]Dessira Schroeder: Thank you for having me.

[00:00:48]September Burton: So. First question is your business name is called Transcend With Birth and your website is And so I’m very curious where you came up with the name transcend with birth and what does that actually mean to you and what can other people take from that?

[00:01:04]Dessira Schroeder: Thank you for that question. Transcend With Birth has a deep meaning for me. I’ve been watching women really shed layers of themselves and dive into new parts of themselves when they become mothers or start planning for motherhood. And when I became a mother, I got to really dive deep into the parts of myself and find this strength and this compassion. And with that that I didn’t know I had. And so it’s really rebirth ourselves and, and birth our children. There’s a, there’s a huge transcendence. There’s a big process in evolving and we go through our own birthing process again and again, to show up every day through this experience, I wanted to bring that into my business and call my business Transcend With Birth to hold the magic, to decide if we really rebirthing ourselves through our children.

[00:02:05]September Burton: I absolutely love that. And I can completely identify with that. I know that when I had my first baby it’s, you are giving birth to a mother, just as much as you’re giving birth to a baby. And so it’s it really, I love that. I appreciate that. And I think that it’s every child that you have, you are rebirthed all over again as a mother. So, yeah, I think that’s really, really cool. How did you get into being a doula? What made you decide that that’s what you wanted to do?

[00:02:35]Dessira Schroeder: When I was really younger, I was fascinated with birth. People wanted to go on and have different careers and, and mine was to give birth. I really wanted to be in labor, I really wanted to give birth, I really wanted to nurse a child. There was something deeply rooted inside of me that had that desire. And throughout the years, I strayed away and did several other things and became a nanny and I did some care taking with children. And then when I became pregnant I dove deep into myself and just kind of the magical realms of growing a baby and entering between the veils of life and consciousness. And then through that first experience I had with her and the lack of support I had really the lack of physical knowledge I actually had. I had a lot of magic in it. But the resources weren’t there and the support wasn’t there and the sadness that I felt not having all of the tools that I wish I had had, I immediately remembered my desire when I was younger to support and just bring more support into this birthing area. And so I jumped on this doula train.

[00:03:51]September Burton: When you were going through that, were you able to find the resources and support that you were seeking? What advice would you give to somebody who is seeking out those kinds of resources and support? Where would they turn to find that?

[00:04:03]Dessira Schroeder: The advice I would give them is that there are resources available for every person. In every situation. I thought that I wasn’t in the right income bracket for a doula or that I wasn’t in the right town a doula or that somebody wouldn’t know me well enough to support me. And so my advice is that there is a person, a specific doula out there to support your specific desires and needs. Really starting with a simple Google search really asking friends you’d be amazed at how many people have heard about a doula or have experienced a doula or their neighbor’s neighbor knows about a doula or has had a doula so asking those questions and really networking and, feeling that support is important for you. Because we are everywhere and we are eager to support.

[00:05:00]September Burton: My favorite thing about doulas is when you first off, when you said that you weren’t in the right income bracket for a doula, I felt that way with my second birth was the first time that I used the doula. And I actually found somebody who was still studying and so needed to get some experience in order to become licensed. And so I used her and she was free because she wasn’t at a point where she was able to charge yet. So that was fantastic. That worked out really, really well. But what I love about doulas is I feel like everybody else in the room or in the process, whether it’s fertility, whether it’s the birth process itself, everybody else that’s around there is there for, for moms, but they’re really there for baby. And that’s great, obviously baby needs support, but nobody is there specifically to support mom, except for your doula. And I think that that is why I personally have such it have become such a huge advocate for doulas, for anybody, whether it’s the fertility process, whether it’s the birth process, whether it’s postpartum. Find a doula, because that’s the support that mom needs more than anybody else. Do you agree with that?

[00:06:03]Dessira Schroeder: I do. I completely agree with that. Especially through this time I’ve had some conversations, which person do we pick the partner or the doula? And there’s been many clients that have chosen the doula for that support. There’s this romance that goes on between a doula, and a birthing person that it allows them to really open up and expand and be completely vulnerable often into their body, which is so honoring her baby and the birthing process. There’s no, there’s no attachments. There’s no baggage, doulas really are here to do anything for you, emotional and physical. And just to be held in that space is such a gift that I believe every birthing person should have.

[00:06:53]September Burton: I absolutely agree. I think that in our society, one of the things that we need more than anything else right now is women supporting women. We need to be there for each other. And I think that doulas and midwives are a huge part of the movement to make that more common, make that more like how we as women view each other in the world is that we need to be there to support each other. I see doulas as angels, like doulas and midwives. You guys are angels on this world right now, and I just, I have such a great appreciation for you. I guess one question that I would like to ask is, we are in the middle of a pandemic right now and hopefully towards the end, I say in the middle, hopefully we’re getting towards the end, but how did, how is that working? How do doulas work through COVID?

[00:07:37]Dessira Schroeder: It has definitely been a dance of flexibility. I have the clients I speak with, I kind of start off with talking about home birth and seeing their opinions on home birth cause there’s a continuum. There are these women that are moving from hospital birth to home birth and really bringing in every detail that is the most important to them, the most sacred and that is beautiful. And then there’s also hospital births that are completely important and sacred as well. And the way the hospital versus in the luck is we can some hospitals who are allowing birthing person which, which comes with many different emotions. There’s been ups and downs. Some women are realizing that they are really enjoying actually birthing alone and not having the distractions of other people. Other women, what we’re doing is we’re preparing them with more emotional care and more postpartum visits which those that have also been virtual. So our prenatals are virtual. Depending on the location of the birth, we can be in person or that virtual. And then I’ve been adding on more postpartum visits because it dulls the sparkle a little bit when we can’t really be with the birthing person, but then there’s so much said in between words or with physical touch or just being in someone’s energy and in their space that it’s a little tricky to do through zoom. So I, what I’ve realized is just adding more time to really read in between what’s being said and to hold space that way.


[00:09:23]September Burton:   Like that you’re doing that. As far as the infertility aspect of being a doula and helping people on that fertility journey, how do you work with that?

[00:09:34] Dessira Schroeder: This is one of my favorite areas. So I like to do a lot of preconception baby connections. So I like to read the energy fields of the birthing person and baby and see what’s happening energetically. If baby’s around, if baby’s not around jet, if there’s something in the body that’s really blocking the portal. And kind of going in and looking at it’s very client specific. So we’ll look at patterns. We’ll look at traumas. We’ll look at wounds. We’ll look at desires. We really like to bring everything into alignment and do a full scan of the body of the consciousness and connect in to deeper realms. Cause our body really keeps the score and it holds on to many things that are not necessarily needed inside to continue. And so I like to bring in a team of people who really can support that person in each individual area that is specific for them. Sometimes sematic really needed ancestral healing is needed and also bringing in different resources and tools. So we’ll do some readings, we’ll check some energy work and see what’s necessary afterwards or what the next step is. It’s very intuitive of the deep softening in between your world to connect in and widen our hearts. To cultivate a love into this space is really a loving space that brings softness and ease and grace. I know that fertility can feel very heavy and hard and lonely. And so I like to bring in that extra doula care and love and support in this space as well.

[00:11:31]September Burton: I agree. I think that’s really, really important it is a lot to go through. All of the fertility treatments, all of the shots, all of the doctor’s appointments, all of the things that you have to go through. I think that you really do need to reach out and get some of that emotional support from one source or another that I think is critically, critically important as you’re going through the whole process. So I really appreciate you saying that. If there is somebody who’s listening to this episode who is interested in getting in touch with you, how would they reach you?

[00:11:59]Dessira Schroeder: Oh, so they would reach me at or my ID handle is transcend with birth. You can see a new there. My Facebook page is also transcend with birth. I can be Googled. And if you just send me a message on any of those platforms, I respond within 24 hours. And if I cannot serve you the best, we definitely can find you the person who can in your local area. The one thing that is helpful during these times is my services have been able to be broadened due to more zoom calls, more internet access, and yeah, we can find the best support for you.

[00:12:42] September Burton: Awesome. Thank you so much for that. One thing that I like to ask everybody who comes on is, do you have any final  of wisdom that you would like to share with somebody who might be struggling right now?

[00:12:53]Dessira Schroeder: Thank you. Know that there’s world of weaving beyond the, the human realm that things are working out exactly as they’re meant to work out and holding that grace and ease and compassion for yourself during this time sometimes timelines look different. And if they’re redirecting us to something that is more magical and divine. You are always supported. There’s a team of people around the corner waiting to honor your journeys. So please know you are worthy to reach out and connect to but like,

[00:13:31]September Burton: Thank you so much for that. 

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