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September Burton: [00:00:00] Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Colorado Fertility Conference. I’m your host, September Burton. I’m here today with, Elizabeth Manning. Elizabeth, gosh, your website, I’ve been poking around this morning and it is just beautiful. I love the pictures and it’s such a peaceful, calming feeling, just being on that website. So I love it. You’ve done such a good job of that. Welcome to the show. Thank you for coming on.

Elisabeth Manning: [00:00:23] Thank you very much for having me. I’m very glad to be here. Thank you.

September Burton: [00:00:28] The first thing that I wanted to ask you about is on your website. You call yourself a Certified Master Spirit Coach. Can you tell me what that means?

Elisabeth Manning [00:00:37] It means I am certified as a master spirit coach. it’s a training that you we went through, back in, gosh, 2014, no, 2012. I think maybe even longer than that, I don’t remember. I lose track, but, yeah, it’s a, was a certification program that I went through. the school that I was going to at the time, which was the foundation for spiritual development, which I’d been a student, for about 14 years. And it just took, it went to the next level because I never really thought about doing anything professionally as a spirit coach, but it seemed like meaning your soul searching about what your purpose is. And one of the questions that I asked myself that I was guided in my meditation to ask myself was how do you spend your time when you’re not getting paid?

[00:01:33]and I was working with people. I was talking to people around their problems and always getting feedback that I helped them. and that I just had a presence about me. That was, just very helpful. And it just made sense to go that route. So that’s what I did. and then I got called and to do work in the realm of fertility because I was going through my own questions of should I shouldn’t I, should I, shouldn’t I have a baby and I had really hard questions I was asking myself. Do I want to bring a child into this world? was a big one. And, do I feel like I’m worthy of one? Because at that time I felt like I couldn’t even raise myself, let alone bring a child into the world. And so I was asking some pretty deep soul questions and I thought, gosh, Lawyers and doctors go through eight plus years to get their education on what they do, specializing in what they do. And parents, they don’t have any chance to prep themselves or prepare themselves emotionally and mentally and spiritually and let alone physically, because once we try to get pregnant is the only time we’re really going to know if we’re fertile, or not necessarily. So it’s like really double whammy. And so it really dawned on me that there needed to be something done in that area.

I had a few things that really happened in my path to guide me in that direction. Big ones, like big kind of God, I call them “God winks”, little nudges from the universe. And, when I had asked to show me where I’m in the highest service to humanity, this is where I was led to be. I ended up opting not to have children, just on a conscious level, but I got to the point where I felt like I was mothering all the children. So I was, I had no loss about it. It was just a conscious choice to serve the many, rather than just the few. And I feel really good about that level of service. I’m I’m just exactly where I need to be.

September Burton: [00:03:53] that’s a difficult decision to make and to come to terms with, and accept and be okay with, how do you, I know I’ve talked to women who have the same sorts of questions–Do I actually want to bring children into this world? So how do you answer that and help other women make that decision? And do men ask themselves that question too? Do you work with men at all?

“Whatever cracks are inside of our heart, there’s, there’s light coming in too.”

Elisabeth Manning: [00:04:12] I do. Yes I do. For me it, my, the way that I was guided in this work, basically in the fertility realm, it was self guided self, basically self study of making fertility my school. if we’re going to ask life to give us something more than I, it was my understanding life is going to ask more from us and we have to do the inner work to expand ourselves, to give ourselves sort of these spiritual stretch marks first to birth ourselves, to mother ourselves first and do that work. and that becomes less about work and more about alignment to what we’re calling in. And so when I started doing that for myself, I realized, wow, I’m not here to birth just a child. I can birth anything. I’m a feminine being in this body who doesn’t necessarily feel attached to what it looks like, what I’m birthing. And I had that, I feel like I had that gift. Like a lot of women just know when their baby, when their children, when they’re little, they know that they are just bound to be mothers. Like they just know in their soul that they’re meant to be a mom for me. It, I wasn’t, I didn’t have that attachment. I love, love children, but it’s just how I had a different relationship with it. So I feel like I was blessed in that way because I feel very deeply for those women who really want children and they are very torn. I have a client right now. Who’s really torn about, she’s being, she’s faced with, the natural route is not working for her. So she was faced facing IVF and we did another round of coaching around just working through her IVF struggle because she had always felt like it was against kind of God’s law and wanted to really step into a natural way. And she’s heartbroken and right now though what’s happening is, and I have always, I always believe this, that whatever cracks are inside of our heart, there’s, there’s light coming in too.

“…the fertility journey is probably one of the most soulful that we could ever go through if we choose to use it as a sacred path to ourselves first, because we are the vessel for this baby.”

It’s not that we’re broken to stay broken. We’re here to open. To open to the light that can come through those cracks. And that elevates our awareness of what we’re really asking, what we really want, and why am I so attached to having a child or having it look like a certain way? And so she’s doing this amazing work. And she’s on this amazing journey of asking herself these deeper questions that we really don’t stop to ask if a baby comes right away, we don’t need to ask those questions. And the lucky women, if you want to. for me, I think that the fertility journey is probably one of the most soulful that we could ever go through if we choose to use it as a. As a sacred path to ourselves first, because we are the vessel for this baby. We are the home for the next nine months. We want to clean it and purify it and radiate as much light through it as possible. And sometimes we just won’t do that kind of inquiry unless we’re hitting against a really difficult decision or question. She’s amazing. And she’s coming to the question– wow! what I’m realizing is that I actually, they feel a little bit relieved that, I think to the point where I really like, I’m aware. I should, she, I should say she’s growing into the awareness because it’s always been there for her, but she’s waking up to these parts of herself of what she really needs in her daily routine. And she says things like–I’m wondering if I’ve always felt like, I didn’t know if I wanted a child and I just made the assumption that I was supposed to have a child. I never asked myself, did I really want one? Or why did I want one? I just did it for my parents. I did it because it was expected of you. I did it because it was the thing to do when you’re thirties And so she’s saying, wow, I’m unraveling some of these social programs, which we do in the energetic level of our work together, which helps I think, to, kind of pull those weeds to release her from the grip of that belief system. Which helps you set yourself free from those ideas outside of you so that you can really come to your own truth. And she’s realizing–I like my sleep, I like my yoga, I like having my furry children, and I like our freedom that we have. I have my husband and I really like our freedom and wow, If we have a child that’s going to be, my life is not my own anymore and good for you. You’re looking at it and there’s no guilt in that. There’s no shame in that. Where is that coming from? it’s societal it’s something else outside of ourselves. So she’s working through a lot just in looking at. the deeper level of the fertility work. It’s not just about a physical level of fertility. There’s a lot more to it. 

September Burton: [00:09:58] Everything that you’re saying right now is, so it just resonates so much with me right now. I actually recently did another podcast interview with somebody who talked a lot about the birthing process and how that’s, what we do as women we give birth. And whether that’s to a child, a human child, or whether that’s an idea, a business that, there are so many ways that women give birth. So I really enjoy what you’re saying right now.

Elisabeth Manning: [00:10:23] I totally agree with that. I just wanted to put it out there. Yes, absolutely.

September Burton: [00:10:27] Yeah. It’s powerful. I think when you start to realize that it opens up, like you’re saying a lot of new doorways and undoes some of the social programming that we’ve been ingrained with.

Elisabeth Manning: [00:10:38] Yes.

September Burton: [00:10:39] Working with couples and doing the Colorado Fertility Conference and the work that I do. a lot of couples who are stuck in fertility and not getting pregnant are they’re in a dark place. There’s a lot of feelings of jealousy, there’s a lot of, sometimes anger, a lot of confusion around what’s going on with them and things like that. How do you help them work through those emotions and get to a more light filled place?

“…we must feel. Feeling is healing.”

Elisabeth Manning: [00:11:04] It’s a great question. And that’s actually really typical, really common, really normal. The first thing is to give yourself full permission to feel it all because that’s the container that we need to honor. Our bodies are releasing for a reason and we’re feeling the grief around things not going as planned. And as we thought it would be so easy because our bodies are designed, that’s one of the main things we’re designed for is reproduction. So when it doesn’t work out, it really jolts our reality. And what I start people on is first, making sure that you’re really working, to be present with what you’re feeling. It sounds really, trite and simple, but it’s not, we must feel. Feeling is healing. And we become more aware as we’re present with our emotions, how much we suppress them, how much we don’t give ourselves permission, how much we don’t honor ourselves. And I compare it always to cause this work that I really focus on using it as a, not a cleanup of the past, so to speak, but a prep for the future. And so it’s, let’s look forward. Let’s look at, what’s holding us back from looking forward and it’s usually the shackles that we feel energetically about what pain we haven’t honored from the past. And so we work with looking at well, think about–you’re just for example, tying it into the future. So we’re the bridge, we’re the bridge for creation into the future. And if we take what we’ve experienced in the past and it’s dark and it’s painful and it’s heavy, we won’t be creating a joyful path unless we decide to create a new bridge or a different kind of approach to our journey. So it would be like, for example, the feelings that a person might not have wanted to feel in the past, or hasn’t honored, perhaps a miscarriage, maybe they’ve thought they’ve put it behind them, but it’s still echoing in the body or it’s still causing trauma. Those things, can’t be just, swept under the rug. We can’t just move on from that. In fact, we may never move on, but what we can do is let it fuel our choices going forward. Let’s honor that. Let’s not let it cloud us, let’s bless it. Let’s honor it. Celebrate it. Be grateful that we’re not there anymore. Finding ways to be grateful, finding ways to look forward and that feeling that we do, there’s a lot of feeling meditations that I do to see the emotion as an energy, as a light. And usually a cloudy feeling looks like a gray emotion. It looks like a gray cloud covering them. So we’ll do a meditation where we send that, whatever it is, if it’s a miscarriage or if it’s a bad diagnosis or some kind of, even a relationship issue because it can cause a lot of tension in the relationship. And when you’re trying to make a baby and you have distance with your partner that causes a lot of pain. So we worked to talk to the spirit level of things. There’s the physical arguing, jealous, painful self. And then there’s the spirit self. The part that is deeply connected to the creator source light. And it’s a lot brighter at that level. It’s a lot more peaceful at that level. And once they meet that connection, there’s a whole lot of healing that can take place. And there’s a version of us that is there. In fact, it’s more real than this reality here, because here is like a big video game. We’re all trying to navigate and play out. And so when we meet our higher self and we look to our future from that place, we can see the emotion as energy. And we can bless it, and heal it, and send it back to the light and unhook it, or cut cores from our physical body, the parts that are feeling the grief, and we do a blessing on it. So it basically is transformational in that kind of pocket of time that we worked together. You can all do this on your own too. There’s a lot of meditations out there on YouTube. And so it’s it, any meditation can be super imposed to a fertility situation. It doesn’t have to be just a fertility meditation. But, this idea of how to move past it, feel the feelings and then use it as a parenting prep school. Decide that. what if this whole journey was designed for you? what if it was designed to help you expand yourself evolutionarily speaking? Cause we’re on a very interesting timeline with the planet earth right now. What if it’s helping us evolve? What if it’s helping us step up inside of ourselves and expand ourselves to our true nature or to let go of some of these other kind of behaviors or habits or belief systems that really aren’t serving us. And what if we could use the time that we have right now? And work with whatever’s in front of us.

[00:16:52] Our jealousy is a part of our fertility journey as a teacher. What if we’re here to work through that first and just expand and master ourselves, mother ourselves to step into a new way of being so that it changes literally our DNA, because our epigenetic science is revealing that it’s our environment that does the most to bring out the potential or dampen the potential of our DNA. And so what we’re doing is creating an environment, a fertile environment for the potential of our seed to grow into its most optimal. Right. And so what if everything that is going on around us when we’re hitting such pain points, we’re here to work with that?

“…this idea that parenting ourselves first is teaching our children later. When they come, we’ll be ready, we’ll be ready and we’ll be worthy.”

“And if we’re in reaction, we cannot be in creation.”

[00:17:44] That’s our teacher, that’s our teacher. Not fertility working out, getting pregnant, but the goal is to be completely onboard with ourselves. On board with this idea that parenting ourselves first is teaching our children later. When they come, we’ll be ready, we’ll be ready and we’ll be worthy. Boosting up our DNA with the best parts of ourselves so that we can pass that on to our child. And we take that forward evolutionarily. I don’t know if that’s true, but it sure feels like it to me because when I have clients come back, and check in after they’ve had their babies. I hear a lot about, I couldn’t have done, being a parent is not what I thought it would be. I had a fantasy about it. And the reality of it is, wow. I don’t know if I would have been the right person, but I did this emotional, spiritual, mental work. And I grounded myself in myself and I’m able to make better decisions and not get caught up in reaction all the time, which, if you think about everything you mentioned earlier about the cloud and the negative kind of experiences, it’s all about reaction. And if we’re in reaction, we cannot be in creation. It’s just we’re at effect. We need to be A F F E CT, not effect, right? So we’re learning how to anchor ourselves the light within ourselves to anchor and ground into who we are. And this process of undergoing a fertility journey on a conscious level is wow. I’m being schooled right now on parenting preparation. And. It works out for them because they’re choosing to look at their journey in a different light and it just changes everything for them. So beautiful.

September Burton: [00:19:47] Thank you. I don’t know if anybody has ever said that you before, and I’ve never said this to anybody else before, but you’re very quotable. I keep writing things down. You’re saying “spiritual stretchmarks”, “God winks”, “feeling is healing”, “not a cleanup of the past, a prep for the future”, “boost your DNA to pass the best to your child”, and “if we’re in reaction, we can’t be in creation”, so beautiful.

Elisabeth Manning: [00:20:12] you’re hired. I need Instagram help.

September Burton: [00:20:16] I didn’t ask you this before we got on because I wasn’t actually planning on doing this and so I’m a little bit putting you on the spot here. I hope you don’t mind. Would you be willing to walk us through just a short two to three minute meditation just to experience it?

Elisabeth Manning: [00:20:29] Sure, of course. I don’t know if I can do two or three minutes, but I sure can try. Is there a particular feeling you want to go after, or just an initial kind of support? Jealousy. Yeah, let me just tune into that one specific on jealousy. Is that what you’re thinking, or maybe how about something to help people not be in reaction to any emotion? Great. Yeah, let’s do it. Okay. And that includes jealousy. That includes anger. That includes complete despondency and apathy and just like giving up as well. Like when a part of us knows we’re not going to give up, but we just want to, these are all really helpful, especially when it comes to other people triggering us. The first thing I would say before I start is the most important thing in this is when we’re in all of those emotions, we’re actually not present. And so it’s just really helpful to understand, Oh, I am, I’m having a reaction, which means I’m not present, which means I’m not anchored into the light that I am because our eternal being, the only experience we have of our eternal self is. Understanding what it is to be present. If you think about that, like the eternal now is the only place we can find peace. And if we’re looking to the past, we usually feel a depression. If we’re looking to the future, we feel anxiety. And this is just a typical understanding of our emotional being, we’re fearful of the future. So we have anxiety or we’re dwelling on the past, which happens to the best of us, but we conjure up depression and sad feelings if we’re focused on the past. So the way out of that is to be present.

So the meditation I would teach you is how to ground and how to put a bubble of light around you. So that if arrows I mean, when you can train yourself to see energy, which you can. It’s just to see it in a different kind of way with an inner eyes, so to speak, you feel the energy coming at you because it’s like, Oh boy, there’s a pregnant girl and I’m, I just got hit by the arrow. She didn’t send me arrows. I kind of sent them to myself, but they’re coming and I can feel myself going down that road. The best thing to do is to just imagine. And the reason why this works is because we’re more interested in a higher way of being than the one that we were.

[00:23:15] That’s the only reason it works is because we’re setting an intention to not be hooked in. And it doesn’t work for people who are not willing to let go of the old way of being, just to be clear, like we have to really want to not be in the story of jealousy or, we want to move higher. And so it works when we take our focus away from what’s happening to us or, at us and we bring the focus toward ourselves and we go–up goes my bubble, down goes my grounding cord. I’m protected and I’m safe. And I’m exactly where I need to be. And it’s my turn next. We just, we have to return back to our strength and our commitment. To our path and not let anything else kind of deter us in that.

[00:24:10] So that’s the idea. We bring our focus inward and we put that energy. We tap in. It’s actually already there. We just tap in and we amplify it. And when we do that, we bring our awareness away from something we don’t want to have grow. And we bring our awareness to something we do want to have grow and what we focus on grows,  what we water grows.

[00:24:36] So we’ve gotta be careful and very mindful  and very gentle with ourselves too, about what we’re watering. And where we are focusing and I’m telling you, it’s like magic. When we take the focus off of that, what’s happening out there, which puts us in reaction. And we come into this space of creation. We change, like we’ve literally changed.

[00:25:01] I have had, I mean, clients are like, I can’t believe I’m not seeing a woman, a pregnant woman. We work with this a lot. I’m now able to bless her and like, say me next. And I actually can feel emotions of excitement. Like I am. I have graduated and that is the sign to say, I’ve grown. Like I’ve grown, I’ve expanded my light enough to be able to bless that woman and say me next and, Oh my gosh, I’m very happy for you. That’s like a marker for how we’re doing vibrationally speaking. Like we’re climbing up the ladder of vibration so that we can look over the garden wall and see what’s possible for ourselves. Instead of keeping ourselves in that hole that we think we’re in. We’re actually not. We’re about three feet from the finish line, but we hold ourselves down thinking we’re not going to ever get there.

“A lot of women have so much trauma in the body. They’re afraid to be in their bodies. So this is one major step for a lot of women to bring love and care and presence into the body.”

[00:25:58] So we give ourselves permission to see and become pregnant with possibility. It’s that feeling of. I can do this and I’ve got this, but energetically speaking, we have to practice almost extra strong in the beginning in that because  we don’t have to actually get pregnant to feel pregnant. We can practice feeling pregnant now and it preps the body. It says, hey, this is where we’re going. This is the direction we’re going in. And that’s how we start to be at cause. And what happens. There’s all kinds of chemical changes that can happen in that space. Right? It’s a mystery how life works. We still don’t know. And we’re how far advanced scientifically? We don’t know. So there’s a God spark going on that we can tap into and open to, but we have to almost kind of choose to create the space for it. First, I feel like that preps people in so many different ways too. So let’s get started on that meditation.  So for something like this, it’s best to be vertical and to  intend for your highest good, always, because sometimes we don’t know what that is, but if we call it in our needs will be met in that process. No matter what.  So tapping in. if you’d like to put your hand on your belly and one hand on the heart, it’s a good way to connect with the body.

[00:27:29] A lot of women have so much trauma in the body. They’re afraid to be in their bodies. So this is one major step for a lot of women to bring love and care and presence into the body. And to call the soul back into the body, deep breath, into the belly, and a gentle exhale, no need to control the breath, just witness it. Rise and fall of the breath. Just aiming for nice deep cleansing breaths because when we end up stressed out or not present a lot of times, we breathe very shallowly and the body needs oxygen and this calls the soul back into the body, through the breath. And we have an energy center at the base of our spine in our pelvic area, torso it’s the first chakra is the root chakra color is red. Just ask that chakra to open, invite it to open. I am opening my first chakra. As you do that, there’s an extension of your energy that can go down like a tree, trunk roots of light. Or if it’s better to drop an anchor, like literally a big ships anchor, feel free to use any imagery that works for you. The whole point of this is something that you get to tap into your own imagination. And what feels real is the best one for you. Some people use a rope, some people use just a column of light. And we’re going to invite our energy and send our energy, extend ourselves down, down, down all the way down to the middle of the earth as if there’s a presence there, Gaia is known to be the goddess of the earth, the mother earth, mother earth. Gaia picture her womb full of light, and she wants what you want. She wants to support your body and she can take all your energy that you would like to leave behind or release. She can handle it. Sometimes our bodies cannot, even though we’re electrical beings. We get overcharged and too over a staticy for lack of a better word. We feel staticy. Our energy is everywhere. We’re not present. We’re worried, doubtful, resentful. These are all really good emotions to ground. And when we’re flighty or not, able to focus, we’re not grounded. So we want to ground our energy down into the earth, picturing what ever shows up at the center of the earth. And root yourself almost like you’re digging your feet down into the sand. That feeling of how delicious it feels, that’s how grounding can feel. And as soon as you wrap around whatever you see, it might be a ball of light or flame, just anchor yourself in and feel yourself connected. Almost like you’re plugging yourself into a light socket. And you’re allowing some of that earth energy up your grounding cord, whatever colors want to come up. You’re calling in highest level of earth energy that can support your physical being, to anchor yourself in the light and to expand that light within you so that you can hold more and release whatever needs releasing. Almost like there’s a trap door there at the base of your chakras. So you can pull that trap door and let out all the goo all the black goo of emotion and you let in the good stuff. Only the good stuff can come in. When you let in the light, the light will never, ever hurt you. It will be just perfect for what you need. And you just say to the light, I can call in what I need on all levels of my being. And then imagine a light from above, maybe your eighth chakra, a foot above your head, the sun picture a sun above your head. And as the light below is working on filling you up, you’re tapping into the light above and you’re calling in the light of creator, your highest level of creator that you’re working with. Invite it to pour into your space like a waterfall or radiant sun shining all of its colors and all of its rays pouring into your space. Open the top of your head, allow that light in washing through all your chakras. Just intend it. Your spirit knows what that means. Intend that your chakras rinse out of all the goo all of the emotional deposits, memories, beliefs limiting you all limitations, release, opening the way to your higher self opening, the way to your baby’s spirit. Clearing out space of whatever needs to release in the body and around the body as well. So picture a golden egg of light around you and turn up the volume, amplify the light to what feels good for you, but also supports you in releasing whatever needs releasing. Imagine those cracks that are hurting you–cracks in your heart, cracks in your womb, cracks in your space, around you. That might be letting in negative energy and seal them up. Clear out your space on the inside. Seal those places up or. Open them, if they need to be opened more, what happens is eventually the negative deposits, they start to break up and release and they’re going to release right down the grounding cord. They’re going to rinse out. So just sitting under the waterfall. Now, I will say for people doing the work that haven’t tried this before, you might actually feel a little nausea or a little bit of a headache. Or an ache or a pain in the body just work with it until it rinses out completely. That’s evidence that you’re moving the energy. You’re moving what you’ve been holding onto for a long time. And it’s just showing up because you’re present to it. It’s been there all along and now you’re moving it out. You’re being proactive. And in creation about your space, creating space. So the idea here is to stay in this meditation for a while to get used to the light, to allow the light, to do the work that needs to be done. And then you can take it as long as you want to, but that was the initial. And yes, it had to be a little longer.

[00:35:31] But when you actually get used to doing it, you can just put it up, it’s like you get better and better and it gets easier and easier. But at first it might take a little longer because you’re working with what it means to be intentional about your energy field. And sometimes, I mean, Took me 14 years to feel like I’ve mastered something in that area. So if you, if it takes you a month, don’t get frustrated with yourself, please.

September Burton: [00:36:02] Yeah. Be patient with yourself, for sure. And for anybody who wants to go repeat that meditation, you might want to repeat the meditation and then just hit pause. And stay in it for a few minutes.

Elisabeth Manning: [00:36:12] Exactly, exactly. Yup.

September Burton: [00:36:14] One thing that I wanted to go back to it real quick, just for a moment, you mentioned God spark and getting that God’s spark back in you. And I did, an interview with an acupuncturist at one point probably about a year and a half ago. And, she mentioned that they’ve actually found that when sperm meets egg, there’s a literal spark and there are cameras now that can actually capture that spark and they call it “the spark of life”.

Elisabeth Manning: [00:36:40] Yes.

September Burton: [00:36:40] So as you were talking, I was like, Oh, go get your God sparks so that you can pass that spark onto your soon to be baby. So one topic that I wanted to cover is you have a book coming out, right? This Sacred Life of Fertility.

Elisabeth Manning: [00:36:55] I do, I’m aiming to have it out. I’m putting the last quotes on it and I’m redoing. I’m going through it again, cleaning up, I found that I wrote it like five plus years ago. Right, talk about a long birth canal, but I sat on it for awhile. My mom passed away and I sat on it for a while. So a lot of that wasn’t productive work. It was just shelved for awhile. And now I’ve found that I’ve changed a lot in those years. Like, I’ve feel like I’ve. The book needs to be defluffed a little bit and clarified. So I’m doing that right now. So I would say it’ll come out probably by December in time for Christmas. That’s the aim. So I’m looking forward to that because there’s just so many nuggets in there about Sacred sex with your partner, like how to really align with your partner in the way where you invite the child in, creating an altar, meditation, calling in your baby’s spirit. Those are the spiritual side of things, but also it talks about epigenetics and how our thoughts and intention can affect energy and the God spark and just a lot of things that we talked about today, but it’s got a lot of tools in it to work with your yourself. Like how tos. So it’s going to be very practical and my clients have already read it because I send them a free copy of it and they’re like, Oh my God. So, I got some good reviews on it, which is great. Very helpful. But yeah, I’m really excited. Thank you.

September Burton: [00:38:35] so do you have any final thoughts of wisdom that you would like to leave? Any final nuggets?

Elisabeth Manning: [00:38:40] Oh, my gosh. Just to remind you, whoever’s listening that you have a desire in your heart for a reason. And to overlay that with the idea that you’re here to birth many things and to stay in motion, birthing, whatever is in front of you. That you may not put things on hold like, please, please. Don’t put your life on hold. Do your best to stay in motion because movement is good. We want movement. Whatever keeps you stagnant there’s no life in it. There’s no life in it. So stay in movement, whether it’s even just the physical body, when we’re stuck or whatever feels like movement. If you were putting a room on hold or project on hold, consider visiting it again, because creator wants to create through you. Stay connected to that energy. First, tap into the source of what can bring you your baby and stay in that element of alignment with creator. Whatever that is for you, creation, birthing, mothering. Anything that can keep you on the path of what it means to be a parent, what it means to be pregnant in general. So, whatever can expand you rather than contract you. Right. but if you’re just birthing something moves, move through, it wants to stay moving. So starting a new job is good. Don’t wait, quitting a job that doesn’t work for you is good. Don’t stay stuck. And those types of things. Do what you can to stay in motion toward your general goal. And if you are stuck on not being able to birth your baby, then work on birthing other things or work on birthing yourself first.

September Burton: [00:40:38] That’s so beautiful. So, anybody that’s listening, if they want to work with you, if they want to reach out to you in any way, how can they find you?

Elisabeth Manning: [00:40:46] they can find me on my website or my email direct is conscious conception Feel free to just email me there.

September Burton: [00:41:00] And social media?

Elisabeth Manning: [00:41:02] Social media. I do have a Facebook group it’s called Sacred Fertility Mindfulness, Manifestation and Miracles. And that’s a Facebook group that is really a sweet group. I love my group. but that’s mainly where I post.  I tend to just lean in the group. 

September Burton: [00:41:20] Wonderful! Again, Elisabeth Manning, thank you so much for what you’ve done for us, for the meditation, for all of your nuggets of wisdom. Thank you for coming on.

Elisabeth Manning: [00:41:28] Grateful. Thank you for having me. It’s really an honor. Thank you.

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