Interview With Dr. Magarelli

In this episode, September talks with Dr. Paul C. Magarelli, a reproductive endocrinologist who had an unusual start in the fertility field. September and Dr. Magarelli talked about his organization, his unique philosophy and approach to treating infertility.

Topics Covered

  • Why only 1% of patients who need care actually get it
  • How education decreases costs and increases quality in fertility care
  • What led to Dr. Magarelli’s decision to use frozen vs live embryos in his treatment
  • The reasoning behind Dr. Magarelli’s goal to help couples get “One Healthy Baby”

Key Questions Discussed in the Episode:

[0:40] How did Dr. Magarelli get into reproductive endocrinology?

[5:31] Why is Dr. Magarelli able to charger lower rates than the average for fertility treatments?

[9:35] Besides cost, what is another reason that many interested fertility patients don’t get the care they want?

[14:20} What about the side effects of the medicine women take while undergoing IVF?

[17:05} Why do you focus so much on education?

[21:26] What led to your decision to use frozen embryos for IVF?

[25:40] Why do you advise patients to deeply consider if they should have twins?

About Our Guest

Starting off in marine biology, Dr. Magarelli began his career with a dream of working with Jacque Cousteau. He ended up working for his son but realized that he wanted a career that would make a bigger impact than watching shrimp mate. He is a reproductive endocrinologist and the medical director of both High Quality Affordable Fertility campuses (Colorado Springs and Denver) and the co-creator of the CMAP Acupuncture protocol, which combines acupuncture with fertility treatments.

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