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Today we welcome Lauren Hannah, from sacred fertility, yoga, Lauren, , your website is absolutely fascinating. I love looking at it. It’s so peaceful. Can you tell me a little bit about what sacred yoga means?

Basically, Sacred Fertility Yoga is a practice that I created and it means taking the fertility journey beyond the mundane. So beyond the physical, beyond the, to do beyond the testing and the checking, the diet into taking it into something more, that can be, you to move through potential obstacles that maybe things that you don’t actually just see in your everyday.

So it’s kind of taking it to another level, to a more subtle level, to a more spiritual level. I love that. I think that’s so important in the fertility journey. It’s, you know, there’s so much stress and so much heartache and things going on that if you can just release that for even just a moment, I think it’s incredibly helpful.

I love what you’re doing. Can you tell us a little bit about you? How did you get started? What is, what was your journey that brought you here? Well, I’ve been a yoga teacher for over 25 years and a practitioner of yoga and about. 15 years ago when I started, trying to get pregnant and I wasn’t getting pregnant, I got, I kind of freaked out because I thought I was going to get pregnant easily, which I think most women do.

and when I didn’t, I immediately went the medical route. And so I. Saw a fertility specialist. I was 40 years old at the time. I went, you know, the typical route, the IUI with Clomid. I did IVF, I did donor egg. I did all sorts of treatments and nothing seemed to work. and so after trying for three years, I realized that I had kind of lost myself. You know, I just got so caught up in the, working with the doctors and the clinics and my hormones and all the testing and the statistics that I sort of lost touch with my yoga practice and my intuition and my belief in myself and my belief in the universe and my connection to the universe, I was sort of got, you know, very ungrounded.

Let’s just put it that way. I was on a mission to make. Something happened, you know, to control everything. And after my, wild donor egg cycle, I kind of took some time and just, you know, revisited my life and where I was. And I realized that I had kind of just thrown all of my yoga wisdom out the window.

Because for some reason I thought the medical solution was going to bring me the baby that I wanted and when it failed, it was devastating. But the good thing was, is that it redirected me back to myself and back to my practice. And so I just took some time. I decided to stop trying, to get pregnant and it just took some time to work on myself.

And I went back to my, yogic way of eating my yoga lifestyle, lowering my stress, doing yoga poses and pranayama and breathing and meditating, and just really coming back to nature and trying to heal myself because it had been sort of a traumatic few years of working with. The medical doctors trying to get pregnant.

And after about six months, I started to really feel good. Again. I started to feel happy. My hormones were coming back into balance. I felt regulated. I was in a really good space and boom, I got pregnant naturally at 47. Wow. And love that. And your daughter right before we hit record your daughter walked into the room.

So we know that you’re a success story. That’s fantastic. My miracle, baby. Yeah. So how did you, what made you decide once you went through that to take this to other people and to help other people in the same way? Well, what happened was, you know, I am a yoga teacher, so I am teaching. I do have, I have a yoga studio in New York city.

So I have lots of students and lots of clients, and everyone sort of knew my story because all of a sudden, this baby appeared and I was already 46 years old at that point. so what started happening was informally friends, family members, a lot of my students, whenever there was someone who was struggling and trying to get pregnant, or they had a friend or a sister or a daughter who wanted to get pregnant, they would just immediately say–can I have them call you? Can you talk to them because they’re really frustrated or they’re really scared or they’re worried, or they’re just upset. And I was like, sure. And so before you know it, I started this informal coaching program where women were coming to me, just referrals and I was just, helping them out giving them advice. and then I was with my acupuncturist getting some work done. She said to me, she’s not only an acupuncturist she’s like a psychic, like an intuitive. And she said to me, I see you writing a book. I see a book coming through you. Are you writing something?

And I said, actually, no, I’m not writing, but I’ve been thinking about. Putting something together to help help these women that are struggling to get pregnant because the yoga tradition, the wisdom of yoga just helped me so much. And I think if I can put a plan together that I can just share that with people.

And so at that point I realized, yeah, I guess I am writing a book. and then I went to Bali. I was teaching at a yoga festival in Indonesia and I was interviewed. by a woman there leave a mace who has a French television station. And she was asking me all about my book. And I said to her, you know, it’s not really at the end of the interview.

She said, well, how can people get your book? And I said, well, I don’t really have a book yet. She’s like, you have to write the book. You have to write this book. It’s so important. So when I came home, You know, probably as, you know, writing a book is a huge undertaking. What it decided to do instead was just to write an ebook.

So I wrote like a 40 page book, and then I created things online, training program, with, you know, webinars and models, teaching everything that was in the book. And I’m still working. I’m almost done with my book proposal now, but that’s how it all started. Just sort of organically. Kind of grew out of my yoga practice and my,  triumph, my fertility triumph.

I love that. And you’re based out of New York. Is it New York city or are you in New York state? My yoga studio is in Manhattan in New York city in the center, right near Columbus circle, but I actually live on an Island, 120 miles East of New York city. Each town called Montauk.

Yeah, I couldn’t live in the city anymore. I love it, but I just, I didn’t want to raise my daughter there. So we moved to the beach and I commute into the city once a week for a couple of days and do my work and come back.  so how can, if somebody is not in Manhattan or anywhere in the area, how do they get ahold of you?

How can they find out more about your program? Oh, well, they can just go to my website, And I actually have a free webinar. They can watch if there’s a pop up that comes up on my website and they can watch the free webinar. And if they like what I have to say, then they can book a session to chat with me and I do free consultations.

and then from there, if they’re interested in actually working with me in my coaching program, which is an eight week program and it’s all done online. So we do live Q and A’s. I do downloadable webinars. I have all my yoga for fertility videos recorded and my yoga for fertility meditations recorded.

So it’s all done virtually. Oh, it happened to be in New York city. They can come by my studio, Sonic yoga, and I have two teachers that I’ve trained in my methodology of sacred fertility yoga, and they can take a class. Where did you get your training? I got my well, I’ve been teaching yoga for, 25 years.

I’ve been teaching. I’ve been practicing for years. So I’ve been trained by you name it and I’ve trained with them, but I have about four prenatal certifications, from Grimm LA carte CALSA. she was my main prenatal teacher. I also trained prenatal achieve array. I’ve also done prenatal with integral yoga.

So I have a lot of prenatal background, and that really has, Created my fertility program because there really isn’t a fertility yoga teacher training out there. It’s a very new field. So based upon all of my experience on the fertility journey, my personal experience, and based upon my research into exercise and fertility, I created my yoga for fertility program.

So I’m the creator. I invented it. That’s awesome. Well, I know that, there’s not a lot of people out there who do that, what you do. And so I have a deep appreciation for what you do, because I know the power of yoga and meditation in life and in fertility and just so many different things.

It’s so calming. It’s so relaxing. And in fact, I’m on your website right now. And I can say, just being on your website, there’s just. It’s such a relaxing feel to it. It’s been a little bit of a stressful day and I’m already sort of unwinding a little bit, just looking at your website and listening to you.

Talk as well. So on your site, you’ve got this six steps to sacred fertility. Do you want to talk a little bit about yes. Sure. actually, my website is in the process of being redone, so I’ve just created, It’s like a new and improved program. So now it’s seven steps to sacred fertility yoga, and it’s actually an eight week program.

There is a lead page that it hasn’t been hooked up to the website. It will be hooked up any day. Now this all just, I just finished it like literally. Yesterday, I finished editing the new workbook and getting everything together. Anyways, it’s a seven step program. It’s actually eight parts. The first part is mindset.

So it’s really about, working with your cognition and reframing your thoughts and working with, positive affirmations and coming into a place where we believe that we can get pregnant and having a strong intention. I think sometimes when we get, we get down that rabbit hole, especially.

of, infertility clinics that we kind of lose our purpose. You know, we start to forget. Why we wanted to have a baby, the first place, we get very distracted with our hormones and our medications and our appointments. And so resetting your intention, I think is the most important part.

And the first part is why do we want to be a mother? Why do we want to bring a baby into the world? And what does that mean to us and to our family? so really focusing on that rather than on, what’s not happening with your body, but focusing on where you want to go and where you want to be.

and then we go into the first step is all about nutrition and supplements and getting our body prepared about routine and sleep and sex. And, the second step is about. Exercise and specifically, yeah, for fertility and what poses and practices you should, you should be doing at the very specific times in your cycle in order to enhance ovulation, implantation, mensturation and, or, the follicular phase.

So building on all of those phases and there’s also practices, recommended for the phases of IVF.  stimulation, trigger and, transfer and then the two week wait. and then we go into a study of the chakras and the emotions looking at our subtle body and how the, our past emotions or potentially traumas in effect our,  physical body, our hormones based upon our emotional, stagnation or struggles or traumas that we and they’ve had in their life.

And how can we clear and work through any emotional blocks that we might be having? We all have them at some one place or another. There was always something that happened that may have. set off a certain emotional response that could potentially be blocking us from conceiving. And I find that a lot, especially in the second chakra, which is the chakra that represents fertility and also in the heart chakra, the chakra that represents, love and union and often is issues, parenting issues, post traumas, different things that can, that need to be healed that are looking to be healed before we can bring our baby in.

then the fourth step is about stress. I’m working with. getting into the parasympathetic nervous system, lifestyle shifts and changes. We look at yogic, breathing techniques and learn how very different yoga techniques can help to balance out our hormones. also purify when needed and also, create a relaxation response.

Then in the fifth step, we go into meditation, cultivating intuition, the learning, you know, how can we, learn to quiet our minds so we can connect to our. The sense of knowing that that space inside of ourselves that is connected to the higher consciousness. So we can receive the messages and make the decisions that we need to make.

As we move through our fertility journey, there’s lots of unknowing and lots of variables. And I think when we can connect to our intuition and feel more confident that helps, really helps us to relax and to trust. step six, awaken is about.  Our spiritual path and finding ways through ritual, through visualization, through writing, through journaling, through lettering, to connect with our baby, to connect with the soul of our baby and to be in communication.

So we start to trust that that baby really is there waiting for us. and it’s also about finding our bliss and celebrating, being in a place of happiness, because I, I believe when, you have a healthy, happy mother, that is when the healthy happy baby comes, So happiness is an important part. So connecting to our bliss and how do we experience that and find that in life.

And we’re going through such a challenging time. And then the last step surrender is it’s about letting go and purification. And there’s some healing rituals there for people who have experienced miscarriage and loss, or even if you’re having experience experiencing a lot of emotions around the time of your cycle, when you don’t get pregnant.

and that’s, pretty much it. So it goes through the whole gamut. It covers it’s based on the wisdom of yoga it’s based on the yoga philosophy and yoga teachings. so it covers and, and that’s what the that’s what yoga does. If people think yoga is just doing poses, but it’s so much more than that.

Yeah. have a funny story. I kind of got yelled at, not yelled at, but you know, straight just a couple of weeks ago, because I said I don’t do yoga as much as I should. And she said, no, no, no, no, no. Yoga is your life. It’s the whole thing. It’s everything. And yeah, it just goes along with what you were just saying.

What I, what I love about what you just said was trusting that your baby is there waiting for you and learning to trust in that? I think that’s so beautiful. And I really appreciate that. You said that, What are, do you have a tip or to, to maybe help a woman who’s listening to this who has been through a miscarriage or has been through, a failed IVF cycle perhaps, and is in a darker place where she’s trying to find reground and find her faith again.

Yeah. So I think the most important thing. So step one, for me, whenever we experience loss is to honor the loss and to not brush over it. I was just on a call with a client before I spoke to you, who has recently had three miscarriages. It’s getting really hard for her. and you know, she just kind of pops up she’s back at work the next day, pretending like nothing happened and just moving on, taking care of her family, taking care of her sick father, taking care of her patients, she’s actually a doctor.

And so for me, the most important thing is taking a moment and acknowledging that you’ve had a loss and however that however, you would like to play that out. So maybe taking a day or two or three. Off from work and just allowing yourself to heal and to rest and to be sad and to experience the flood of emotions that are coming.

I think it’s important to journal or to write or to sing or to visualize or to talk or to share about the story of what it feels like to have had that loss, not to just push it under the covers. I know it’s hard because a lot of people don’t want to hear. That they just want you to sit and they just want to say, Oh, it’s okay.

You’ll have another baby. Don’t worry. Right. So I think it’s really important if you can’t find someone that you at least get those thoughts out, either by journaling. Or by talking, even talking out loud, sometimes I have my clients record what they’re feeling so that when they do have their baby, because I do believe the soul is the soul.

I believe that if you miscarry the soul is trying to come in and it’s still going to come in. So sometimes I have my clients record a recording that they can eventually play for their baby when it comes, journaling letters to the baby, to the soul that they’ve lost are all really good ways to get those emotions out.

and then of course, you know, doing something special for yourself, like whatever you love to do, getting a massage or taking a nap in the middle of the day, or making yourself some kind of food that you love. also I think it’s important to create a ritual around the loss of the baby. So that can be done in different ways sometimes.

You know, depending upon how open you are with friends, you can invite friends over and have a little ceremony, say some prayers. I like to, either create a little alter, maybe somewhere in your yard or on your property or in your home. It can be with like little stones or flowers or shells. You can also, some people plant a tree for the loss of their baby.

I did that for mine when I had my miscarriage and it’s, I see it. It’s always there and it always reminds me. And I honor that,  That loss because it wasn’t a significant loss for me at the time. still is. I still count that as one of my babies. and then other something else I was going to say, So those are some like, Oh, and then even just something simple, like I’m also certified a room of therapist, I believe strongly in the healing power of essential oils.

So I would buy yourself like some kind of really yummy uplifting oil. you can use any of the citruses, like grapefruit or Mandarin pepper. Some people like peppermint it’s, it’s really bright and sparkly. I’m just careful peppermint. Shouldn’t go directly onto your skin. You have to put it in a carrier oil because it’s very strong and some people have an irritation to it for any of the winter greens that are really nice forest or Tulsi Pines.

depending upon what you like, some people like Jasmine, like any real strong. Powerful oil that you can get  you can buy them online or at your health food store and just rub a little bit between your hands and just smell it or put it with some salt and take a bath just to lift your mood and the other, pose you can do, you can just lie on your back on the floor and put.

A bolster behind your back or pillows or a blanket. So your heart is lifted. So in other words, your spine and your head are supported a little bit off the ground and then let your hands fall out at the side. So your heart is open and then you can just work with some really simple, slow, deep breath, and just let yourself, feel, let yourself go.

Why, why is it important to lift your heart in that way? Well, because number one, when your heart is open, then it allows the,  parasympathetic nervous system to be a little,  agitated or awakened or, or kind of, What’s the word stimulated so that you’re going to feel a little bit more.

And the good thing about feeling is that instead of, closing and holding the emotions in it, the energy to move the emotions up and outward. All right. So it might feel a little vulnerable at first when you’re lying there, but then as you start to bring the breath up into the heart space, you’ll start to feel nervous system is allowing, like giving things a little boost.

So you’re going into a little higher state rather than closing in and coming into a forward fold, which can also be good. Like being in a child pose can be very calming and grounding, but I find sometimes that. Doesn’t allow the emotions to move through. So I think an important part when you’re healing from miscarriage is to get those emotions out, to feel them.

So then you can ride the wave and then come down the other side. Okay. Wow. I love what you’re saying. It’s just, it’s beautiful. And it’s, it’s so calming, just having this conversation, it’s just calming and soothing. let me just say, if you are in that back bend, and it starts to feel too much, or you feel too agitated or.

Yeah, you feel your heart getting your heart rate going up, or you feel yourself getting anxious. You can always counter pose that they coming into like a child pose and coming into a little ball, and soothing yourself that way. And then slowly come back and try it again. you might need to ease yourself into that depending upon the state of your nervous system and the state of your emotions, and also on your hormones.

You know, if you’re have a lot of. cortisol racing through your system. If you’re feeling stressed, you’re gonna, it’s probably going to feel more intense, but if you’re in a more relaxed state, it’ll probably feel easier. Okay. Do you have maybe one or two other poses that you can suggest for women who were, you know, currently in the struggle of trying to get pregnant that they might be able to do?

So I would always encourage, post-menopause post menopausal to do some gentle, twisting. You always want to purify and clear out the uterine lining. So after you have your menstruation do some twisting, that’s a nice way to just purify and kind of flush out, create some space. and then while you’re in, Ovulation again, you want to be very gentle with yourself when you’re ovulating and also post ovulation.

So at that point, there’s a pose. It’s the, kind of the quintessential yoga for fertility pose

and you lie on your back and you put the soles of your feet together and you make like a triangle with your legs. So your knees are bent. And then you can prop your backup on a bolster similar to the one I just said, and you can just come into some nice, deep breathing. It’s very calming, very relaxing.

and it opens the pelvis and gets lots of, blood flow into the reproductive organs. so Baddha Konasana, you can also do that same pose in a forward fold. So you can sit up, put the soles of the feet together. The legs are like a diamond shape, and then you fold over your legs. Yeah. So those are two good ones.

And then another great one is for simple as you call it. , it’s a big, fancy name for legs up the wall. So you sit with your, hips on the floor and. Is close to the wall as you can. And then you rest your legs up the wall.  Okay. Really nice way because it, you know, usually as we’re moving through our day, we’re always sitting or standing.

And so there’s lots of pressure. Um, the reproductive organs, and this is a nice way to kind of, redirect the blood flow. So you turn, you’re basically inverted, you’re upside down, but your hips are on the floor. It’s not a full inversion. It’s like a modified in version. You still get that and it helps to lymph that’s, you know, it gets built up in your hips and your legs.

Well, thank you for that. I really appreciate you giving us those tips. That’s great. And there’s some, if people go to my website on my blog, I have some, I should, I’m just starting to rebuild. Now. I had a whole category of, yoga poses in my blog, but we’re changing things and moving things around.

So they’re coming back. They will start to appear again. I also have a Facebook group called the radiant. Fertility circle. And in the ring and fertility circle group, I do post every month oppose of the month, I do a meditation of the month, a mantra of the month, a moodra of the month. And I do some Facebook lives there and I think can get some of my content that way.

Wow. You said radiant fertility circle. Yep. Perfect Facebook group. I also have a Facebook page, which is sacred fertility yoga. That’s my Facebook page. So if they find themselves on this sacred fertility yoga page, they can find a link to sign up for the group.

 Do you want to share any other contact information in case people want to get a hold of you? Yeah, sure. they can, The best way to contact me is, Oh my God, they’re also changing my email right now. I’m just going to give them my regular email because we’re in the process of rebuilding my website. So there’s all kinds of stuff going on.

they can just, I’ll just give them my regular email, which is L Hannah, L H a N N dot com. Perfect. thank you so much for doing this interview with us. This was fantastic. I’m sure this was just this interview is going to help so many people. so thank you. You’re welcome. Happy. I’m very happy to share. And I sending lots of positive energy to everyone out there. Who’s trying to get pregnant.

Don’t give up hope, stay focused on your dreams. No that your baby’s there waiting for you and trust that sometimes they just make us wait a little longer than we want to. They’re in control. They really are. We have to let go, you know, the control and the patient. In the meantime, while we’re being patient, do everything we can to be as healthy and balanced and joyful and happy as we can, because the healthier and happier we are.

More likely we are to get pregnant and give birth to have happy, healthy babies as well. Happy, healthy family. Yeah. well, thank you again, Lauren.

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