Pradeepa Narayanaswamy Interview

In this episode, September talks with Pradeepa Narayanaswamy, a fertility coach who turned her 12 years of infertility into a powerful mission to help others struggling with infertility. Pradeepa shared how she pushed through the breaking point of her infertility journey and the wisdom that she gained along the way.

Topics Covered

  • Her 12-year struggle through infertility (and her perspective on it now)
  • The “uncomfortable” feelings that can occur during fertility, like jealousy and shame
  • Viewing infertility from a couple’s perspective
  • Strategies and tips for maintaining your relationships during infertility

Key Questions Discussed in the Episode:

[0:31] What was Pradeepa’s journey through infertility like?

[7:26] What coaching services does Pradeepa offer?

[11:00] How can people talk about jealousy and shame while struggling through infertility?

[18:00] What is Pradeepa’s coaching background?

[19:47] What are some strategies that individuals and couples can use while struggling through infertility?

About Our Guest

Pradeepa Narayanaswamy experienced 12 years of infertility including 3 miscarriages and 8 back-to-back failed IVF treatments without explanation. This mentally and physically demanding journey brought Pradeepa’s relationships at risk, until she made the decision to let go. She and her husband adopted a child and Pradeepa trained to be a coach with a mission of making infertility less painful.

Links of Interest

Pradeepa Fertility Coach website

Not Your Typical Fertility Support Group (Facebook group)

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